I am a man whose being is contingent to the Necessary Being, and who has been living since October 1989 on Earth due to the mercy granted through His tajalli. In my insignificance as a dust in the universe, I want to share my writings on this blog. Hopefully it has benefits to offer to the well-being of humankind.

Founded on September 8th, 2013, this is a bilingual blog (English and Bahasa Indonesia) that documents most of the essays I have ever written since my undergraduate study. Many of the essays are my op-ed pieces that have been published in Indonesian newspapers. My main interests are on religious and political issues, especially those in Indonesia and Arab countries. Sometimes I also write trivial things.

As I grow up intellectually and am still growing up, I realize that my past essays contained many things that I think now are naive and some parts have been revised by my later essays. I decide not to delete them, as I want to see my intellectual development. Therefore, it is of paramount importance for readers of this blog to understand that there are parts of my past essays that no longer represent my thoughts; and the more recent, the more representative. 

You may copy-paste and repost this blog’s essays to other websites or blogs as long as you provide the link to the reposted essay. It’s free, and no permission is required, unless you repost them on commercial websites.

Thank you for visiting and reading.

Email: aafachrudin@gmail.com
Facebook: Azis Anwar Fachrudin
Twitter: @azis_af
Youtube: Azis Anwar



20 thoughts on “disclaimer

  1. Assalamu’alaikum

    Terima kasih sudah membagikan ilmunya mas 🙂

    Saya request pembahasan boleh? hhe
    Saya ingin tahu mengenai hukum menggambar/melukis dalam Islam mas 😀


  2. … keren Mas, saya menyukai cara pandang dan pisau-pisau bedah yg anda gunakan ketika melihat persoalan dalam tulisan-tulisan sampeyan, … kadang bernas dengan menggabungkan post-strukturalisme dan kaidah-kaidah hukum keislaman atau cerah dengan pisau bedah lain yang sama tajamnya…
    … barokallah fiik Mas !


  3. Asalamualaikum. Salam kenal Kang, saya suka dengan tulisannya, smoga tetap istikomah dalam mencerahkan pemikiran kami kaum awam. Wasalam.


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